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From the minute Alicia could reach the pedals she was driving and playing with cars. It started with her grandfathers vintage and veteran cars which she still drives today, then it was her dads Patrol. “Dad was always 4WDing and we regularly had to help him get out of one of his ‘short-cuts’ which would mean hours of driving and sometimes a serious recovery or two”. Alicia has spent the last few years working in the Camper Trailer Industry in sales, product development and and testing. She has now joined our team and is pumped to show everyone the lifestyle she loves so much.



Michael ‘Borgy’ Borg has been a journalist in the camper trailer game for over 5 years, he started off working as a writer and tester for 4WD Action before moving on to bigger and better things. Borgy has spent the last few years writing for many publications both in Australia and around the world and has a wealth of knowledge about not just camper trailers but also some of the amazing places you can take them! Tune in to see what Borgy gets up to on Camper Trailer Lifestyle



Macca has spent more than half his life exploring and working all over Australia. He has been involved in the outdoor leisure industry for over 15 of those years and has an intimate understanding of what does and doesn’t work in Australia’s harshest environments.

He’s a quintessential Aussie character that makes the challenges of the RV lifestyle simple and easy to understand.

Jump in with this larrikin and see Australia.


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