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Daly Waters Pub

Address: Stuart St, Daly Waters, NT,
0852, Australia

The pub was built in 1930 by Bill and Henrietta Pierce (Read 2 at Daly Waters by Elisabeth George 1946) a great tale of the early beginnings of the pub and life as a settler in the outback. In the past the pub has witnessed murders, shoot outs in the main street, cattle stampeding through town and the odd drunken brawls. Station owners threatened to burn the place down or buy it and bulldoze it to stop the local ringers from riding into town, hence the old bath tub & rail to hitch your horse onto. Today the only shoot out is at the bar during Happy Hour and the only brawling done is between the gangs of Happy Jacks (local birds).


At the Daly Waters Pub they want you to soak up the outback hospitality and happy go lucky feel of the pub, forget the hustle and pressures of the city slicker life. Kick back and enjoy a cold beer or a fancy cocktail they will even put an umbrella in it, whatever your liking. The staff will put you at ease and make you feel like you’re at home. Put your feet up and soak in the ambience.

There is no pretence or airs they just want to make you stay longer and take memories with you that will put a smile on your dial whenever you hear the words The Daly Waters Pub. The only requirement is to pack your sense of humour because they thrive on a good belly laugh every day.

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