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Only a genuine Aussie Fold Away TV Antenna gives superior digital TV reception and will stand up to the rugged conditions of the Australian outdoors in any Van, Camper, Tent, Motor home, Truck or any vehicle for that matter.

ABOUT US – Since 1989 we have developed antennas for Australia’s Harsh Weather conditions. We have built them to last through the savage summers and wet n’ wild winters and even the occasional “whoops” moment when you back the caravan over the top of it! But don’t worry if you manage to break it as we have all of the spare parts available.

The Fold Away Antenna is stronger than most, lightweight (1.5 -1.6kg), easy to use and the smart choice for your caravan, RV, motor home ,camper trailer etc.

After much testing, our Patented Design allows you to adjust the antenna through 360 degrees to pick up any signal polarization and digital signals. The Fold Away TV antenna works perfectly with your high definition digital TV or digital set top box.

DIGITAL TV? NO WORRIES! If you have a digital TV or set top box (for your old analog TV) to get those extra ABC and SBS channels, grab a Fold Away Antenna.

You get an antenna that can take the knocks of outdoor life on the wall of a van and deliver the pictures, no worries. Plus we have designed and built accessories which will give you that extra kick from a TV signal when you are on the edge of civilisation. These include a great 12 volt signal amplifier to turbocharge the reception, plus the awesome Direct Connector. We also have a Mast support bracket for Soft Walled Campers- they can be mounted on any solid surface such as a Draw Bar, Tool Box, Gerry can holder, Bull Bar etc.

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Phone: 07 5492 8083 or 0408 950 492


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