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Kakadu is awesome in all seasons, the wet season when all is green, fresh and adorned by mighty waterfalls, and the dry with stunning variations of eco variations.

It’s as if the seasons were competing against each other for the grand prize of which season is grandest.

Kakadu Air fly to completely different areas in the dry, the views are distinctly different, and the land forms they fly are much more varied, the views changing in every minute flown. They see amazing erosion features, the massive Arnhem Land Plateau, sliced by age and erosion into isolated outliers, Rivers are carved into the 1650million year old kambolgie sandstone plateau, faults and fissures host flora as different as spinifex and tropical rain forest. The sandstone spoils being the source of white sands on the river floors. The fresh water rivers lie still, but nearby the winding tidal rivers rise and fall at 100 kilometres inland, forced by massive 8 metre tides at the Arafura coast. Kakadu’s wildlife survives in permanent billabongs, and seasonal floodplains.

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