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Mt Morgan Motel & Van Park

Address: 1 Showgrounds Road, Horse Creek, QLD, 4714


Welcome to Mount Morgan Motel & Van Park. We are a Quiet Peaceful Park located in the historic picturesque town of Mount Morgan. Driving up the range provides breathtaking views, spanning across the plains of Rockhampton to the blue seas of the Capricorn Coast. You can follow the National Heritage trail from Bouldercombe to Mount Morgan if you like a challangeing walk. The rich history of Mt Morgan is quite exciting Our one little town mine had over 260 tonnes of gold, 37 tonnes of silver and 387 000 tonnes of copper removed from it so far. If you enjoy the excitement of fossicking, this is definitely the place to stay. With fantastic walking trails, beautiful and abundant birdlife, cycling trails, golf, bowls and much much more, make Mt Morgan Motel & Van Park your base to explore this amazing region.


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