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Our Cow

Address: 298 Deep Creek Rd
Deep Creek,
NSW - 2469


In March 2019, we launched the Our Cow website with the driving force of offering meat online, cut to order directly from our Australian farmers to you, online & always open.

As paddock to plate farmers, all of our cattle are pasture-raised and hormone free, meaning that we can produce and deliver the freshest, cleanest and nutritious meals for the people we feed. It’s important to us that our customers have the traceability of where their meat came from – say goodbye to mystery meat!


As the demand grew for Our Cow, we began reaching out to other farmers who met our criteria to join us on the journey of providing nutritious, delicious, paddock to plate meat to the Australian community. We now have over 50 of Australia’s best farmers in our network, and we are incredibly proud to be working with them.

Not only are we able to provide a consistent, stable market for farmers to sell to, which is extremely difficult in the volatile livestock industry but we are also able to connect them to the people who are eating and enjoying their produce.

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