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Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Address: 930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven VIC 3925

A Delicious Experience

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is an experience unlike anything you have ever visited before. It is a celebration of all things chocolate.

Panny is passionate about chocolate and is an innovative chocolatier. He is keen to share his love for this amazing product with everyone he can. Panny has the finest and most delectable chocolates, creating over 190 different treats for sale in the factory direct outlet.

Naturally there is more chocolate than you can dream of, but also other delectable treats such as chocolate dipped bananas, rocky road and ginger and honey.

Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate is an interactive experience of all things chocolate and Panny’s cafe sells the most amazing meals, drinks and snacks all with a chocolate theme.

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is climate controlled for comfort, so visitors love returning to Panny’s year round, regardless of what the weather is like. A massive renovation has just been completed, both inside and outside making The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory a must see on a visit to Phillip island.

Panny and his team invite you to spend a few hours exploring the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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