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Address: 460 McDonalds Rd, South Morang VIC 3752
03 8457 1600

South Morang GMSV

General Motors Specialty Vehicles – GMSV for short – is a newly launched General Motors venture operating within Australia and New Zealand. At GMSV, we hand-pick only the most iconic GM vehicles to bring to our customers who are looking to own something truly special.

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South Morang GMSV is proud to be your new local GMSV dealer in South Morang, Victoria. Whether you are interested in a Chevrolet Silverado or the All-New Corvette, we have the right vehicle for customers looking to own something truly special.

Call South Morang GMSV on 03 8457 1600 or visit our showroom today to find out more about the passion we have for GMSV vehicles, their iconic status and their guarantee to turn heads.

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