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Caravan and RV electrical wiring can be a challenge for the manufacturer, repairer and the consumer.

Challenges include:

Safety  Separation of 240V and 12V. Lack of consistent location of wiring.

Accessibility  Normally wiring is permanently trapped within the walls. Adding or replacing circuits and appliances is both difficult and time consuming.

Workmanship  Poor connections.

Quality Control  Resolving issues at end of production, pre-delivery and during both the warranty and post warranty periods.

Installation  Time taken to route custom wiring.

New Product Solution

Wall Tracks was developed over a three year R & D period to provide an easy and cost effective wiring management system.

Providing the following:

  • Easily accessible and readily identifiable wiring.
  • Consistency of wiring location.
  • Speed of installation/service.
  • Easily upgradeable.
  • Cabling is supported and isolated from excessive vibration.
  • Sealed from water ingress.
  • Provides a handy location channel for optional campsite accessories. So no screw mounting of accessory brackets to the wall.
  • Provides a LED strip lighting channel with optional LED diffuser to soften the LED intensity.

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