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Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd

Address: 24 Jane Sutherland St, CONDER, ACT, 2906

Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd – Creators, Designers & Manufacturers Of SavvyLevel || Finalists In 4 Business Categories For The Chief Ministers Prestige Awards:

1. Emerging Exporters

2. Manufacturing

3. E Commerce

4. Small Business

5. Technology and INNOVATION


Savvy Technical Solutions Pty. Ltd. (STS) is not just any company – we are a family company caring about our designs, and caring about the people who use our products – as a family company should do. STS is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your technical expectations.

STS is owned and operated by some of the best minds in the country. We employ Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers as well as our team of Administrators to ensure our products meet industry standards and in fact, exceed them – we are very proud of this. Savvy Tech has some (and is currently developing) great innovative products that are easy to use and can be linked to your mobile SMART device(s).

Our Research and Development (R&D) team are constantly teasing out the finest elements of mathematics, physics and technology and applying them to our designs. By doing this we bring to bear those elements that propel our products to the front of the pack.

At STS we create our own unique and abstract technical products for all manner of clients (nothing is too small or large) that are used extensively. Tell us what you want or search from our product list. STS can create almost anything!

Savvy Tech (STS) can create products that look at home in the Aerospace industry yet be personalised with your individual design imagination to meet your needs. We also have a brand of products on the market that are ready to purchase. Welcome to the wonderful world of Savvy Technical Solutions Pty. Ltd.

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Address: 170 Melrose Drive,
Phillip ACT 2606

(02) 5114 1188

At John McGrath GMSV in Phillip, Canberra, you can browse our line-up and discover our range of special driving machines. Whether you’re looking for a 4×4 pick up for the work site or towing a heavy load, John McGrath GMSV has the vehicle to match your needs.

Visit John McGrath GMSV today for personal help with your questions, schedule a service or to book a test drive. Get started here.

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As a qualified GMSV dealer, John McGrath GMSV provides you with the latest Chevrolet vehicles, which are designed to thrill whilst providing safety and comfort. Your new Chevrolet will help meet the demands of daily life.

Explore our online showroom to see the exciting range of Chevrolet vehicles, including the latest Silverado 1500 LTZ Premium, Silverado 1500 LTZ Trail Boss, Silverado 2500 HD and Corvette models. Check out our current NewDemonstrator and Used vehicles and latest local special offers.

No matter what you need, our team of experienced sales staff at John McGrath GMSV are here to help. Visit John McGrath GMSV today for personal help with your questions, schedule a service or to book a test drive. Get started here. You can do it all at your leisure, here on our John McGrath GMSV site.


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Address: 2 Josephson Street, Belconnen, ACT 2617
(02) 6222 2400

General Motors Specialty Vehicles – GMSV for short – is a newly launched General Motors venture operating within Australia and New Zealand. At GMSV, we hand-pick only the most iconic GM vehicles to bring to our customers who are looking to own something truly special.

Gerald Slaven GMSV is proud to be your new local GMSV dealer in Belconnen, ACT. Whether you are interested in a Chevrolet Silverado or the All-New Corvette, we have the right vehicle for customers looking to own something truly special.


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Visit our qualified Finance specialists who can create a Finance package to suit you. Get your loan pre-approved with Gerald Slaven GMSV; we are a one stop buying shop with competitive and flexible car finance.

Gerald Slaven GMSV also provides excellent after sales servicing and maintenance. Our factory-trained technicians and experienced mechanics understand your vehicle, so why Book a Service anywhere else. We also specialise in Genuine GMSV Parts and Accessories.

Call Gerald Slaven GMSV on (02) 6222 2400 or visit our showroom today to find out more about the passion we have for GMSV vehicles, their iconic status and their guarantee to turn heads.


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our cow 4
Our Cow

Address: 298 Deep Creek Rd
Deep Creek,
NSW - 2469


In March 2019, we launched the Our Cow website with the driving force of offering meat online, cut to order directly from our Australian farmers to you, online & always open.

As paddock to plate farmers, all of our cattle are pasture-raised and hormone free, meaning that we can produce and deliver the freshest, cleanest and nutritious meals for the people we feed. It’s important to us that our customers have the traceability of where their meat came from – say goodbye to mystery meat!


As the demand grew for Our Cow, we began reaching out to other farmers who met our criteria to join us on the journey of providing nutritious, delicious, paddock to plate meat to the Australian community. We now have over 50 of Australia’s best farmers in our network, and we are incredibly proud to be working with them.

Not only are we able to provide a consistent, stable market for farmers to sell to, which is extremely difficult in the volatile livestock industry but we are also able to connect them to the people who are eating and enjoying their produce.

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