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Seekr by Caframo

Address: Caframo Limited
501273 Grey Road 1
Georgian Bluffs, N0H 2T0

SEEKR by Caframo

The Sirocco II is the best-loved RV fan. With three speeds, four timer settings, and a three-year warranty, there’s no other RV fan that matches the Sirocco II’s reliable performance.

You can go further, stay longer, and enjoy more time doing what you love with the people you love.

Feel like a sleep-in? The Sirocco II is ideal for chilling out: with whisper-quiet operation and incredibly low power draw you’ll enjoy thousands of hours of uninterrupted coolness.

The original and still the best, the authentic Sirocco II 12V/24V gimbal fan from SEEKR by Caframo is proudly made by your mates in Canada.


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Caravan And Camping Hire

We are Caravan and Camping Hire Australia

Australia’s No. 1 Peer 2 Peer Caravan/RV/Camper Hiring Community

At Caravan and Camping Hire Australia (C n C Hire AUS) we strive to achieve 2 main things:

1. Enable ANY family/couple/individual the opportunity to enjoy Caravan/Camping holidays by hiring one any one of our beautiful privately owned Hire Vehicles

2. Help Aussie Caravan/Camper/Motorhome/RV owners make extra $$$ by hiring out their RVs instead of them sitting idle in their driveways for up to 90% of the year

  • We currently have over 200 beautiful Caravans/RVs/Campers available in all Aussie states for you to hire out for your much needed holidays!
  • So now anyone can enjoy the wonderful experiences of a Caravanning or Camping Holiday without having to own their own luxury RV
  • We have many registered Owners who are earning up to $15000 to $20000 net in Hire Income each year just by Hiring Out their own Vehicles.
  • This is an astounding 30% or more return on their investments
  • We also have many Owners who purchase brand new Caravans just to Hire them out through Caravan and Camping Hire
  • So they are effectively using them as ‘Mobile Investment Properties’ and getting great returns

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Phone: 0409 964 049

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Optus Satsleeve

Address: Locations Available
Throughout Australia


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Optus Satellite’s Thuraya SatSleeve+ and Hotspot are the quick and easy way to transform your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a satellite device. So if you’re out and about travelling to areas where you’ve got no bars, the SatSleeve can keep connected right across Australia, with 100% coverage wherever you are – as long as you’ve got line of sight to the satellite!


The SatSleeve comes in two options – the SatSleeve+ or SatSleeve Hotspot. The SatSleeve+ lets you dock your smartphone to the SatSleeve like a case, using a universal adaptor which will stretch to fit most Apple or Android smartphones. You can then walk-and-talk in satellite mode.

The SatSleeve Hotspot is ideal if you prefer to use the SatSleeve as a portable satellite Wi-Fi hotspot for your smartphone or even your tablet.


The new SatSleeves connect to your device through a WiFi connection. Once connected, you’ll drive the SatSleeve through the new free SatSleeve app, and you’ll be able to access your contacts and enjoy calls, SMS, emails, instant messaging, social media and your apps – all using your favourite device!

With a casual $15 monthly plan, no activation fee and no minimum contract term, the SatSleeve is the perfect solution to keep you in touch when you’re on-the-go. You can activate the monthly service, call us up to pause it when you’re not using it, and only pay for the additional usage charges when you use it.


The SatSleeve works with any mobile provider, so you can use it whether you have an Optus service or not. The SatSleeve has its own SIM card with a satellite mobile number, and connects your device to Thuraya’s satellite network, so it works in Australia as well as 160 countries throughout Asia, Europe, The Middle East and Africa. So whether you are calling from the Outback or the Sahara, you can worry less, and stay in touch for longer.

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