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Every week on Camper Trailer lifestyle we have a true blue Aussie family travel with us to test out and give their feedback on the trailers on the show. Yep thats right, no journalists saying they know whats right for you, just honest families with experience in touring giving you their feedback!

Want to join us on a trip? Shoot us an email to our facebook page with some photos and info on your family and why you are suited to join our team.


Meet the Riches


The Riches family are no stranger to travelling this amazing country as they headed off on a 6 month trip with the kids not to long ago. We were lucky enough to have the family join the crew for the High Country trip. It was very cold but beautiful.

These guys know how to do long service leave right, they took 6 months and travelled Australia in their soft floor camper with the kids in 2017. Many experiences many laughs and also many videos on their facebook page that educated people on the rights and wrongs of Travelling remote Australia. The great thing about the Riches family is they know how to travel with young kids, tow trailers and travel safely while also having a great time.

It was a pleasure to have them on the trip, be sure to check out their facebook page listed below:

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Meet the Wilson Family 


The Wilson family are a fun loving family of four with a passion for outdoor adventure. Willow is a little 4WD obsessed and doesn’t mind going off road; after all that’s where you’ll find some of the best locations! He’s not only team driver, but also the resident comedian as the crew found out. Ally picks up the job of coey/navigator and she also loves snapshotting and documenting their travel memories.
With their two kids being animal enthusiast and adventure driven kids, this is one family that gets out and experiences the true travel lifestyle as often as they can, while also documenting the shenanigans as ‘Off the Trax’.
Cape York, the Gibb River Road, Kakadu, Litchfield, Fraser and Moreton Island are just some of the locations this well ventured family have been too. They have even written articles and had photos featured in publications such as 4WD Action and Camper Trailer Touring. Now they can also say they have been on TV with Camper Trailer Lifestyle too,  with all they have done this is one family with their feet firmly on the ground, and we loved travelling with these guys.
Why not join them on their journey via the below links:


Meet the Websters

The Websters join our crew for the first 3 episodes in our Outback Adventure towing, camping and using the campers to provide some real world feedback to our viewers, on what they enjoyed about each product.


In today’s society day dreaming is more important than ever. It’s a way to escape the pressures we all face. So we turn to social media and the net for inspiration of those idyllic locations, a place to escape and relax. We see those people who’ve been able to give it up and just go, bid farewell to responsibilities and live out their dreams.

Unfortunately for most, this is where our day dreams end, and we start thinking of the reason why we couldn’t do that. We can’t get leave, or afford it, would our gear make it that far? So that’s what “Not A Gap Year” is all about. To show that you can live your dreams and keep your day job too.

I started this to hopefully inspire people to travel, see this amazing country, explore other countries but do it in a way that works for you. We have the same responsibilities as everyone; a mortgage, kids, bills and a business to run. But what I discovered is with a little bit of flexibility you can have it all.

A life full of adventure and memories is easier, and in some cases closer, than you think.

Cheers, Trent


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Meet the Davey’s


We’re the Davey Family!

We consist of Leigh, Tegan, daughter Bodhi (6yrs) and son Finn (4yrs). We are your typical Aussie family complete with daily jobs, school, suburban home and occasional past time of camping and travelling.

In January 2017, we realised that our past time should become our full time! We decided that we should escape the daily grind of life and take a year out to travel this beautiful country of ours and show our children all the wonders of Australia.

Come and join us on our adventure as we share all our travel tips through our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). 

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